Monday, 21 February 2011

[MOVIE]: The Mechanic

This is a movie that I greatly recommend~!

To say why i greatly recommend this movie, this is why......

"Its full of action and violence~! Gun and girls~! has 18 SX scences"
"It has nice cars...that was wasted at the end in a BOOM~!"
"It has a main character who is a hit-man, killed many and has a name, Bishop" 
"It has the best twisted in the storyline"
"It is the best violent movie that has an ACTUAL USABLE Moral of story.."

Moral of the story:

"Victory Loves Preparation"

Watch it and hopefully you will learn the moral  and not the violence~

More review by others here. 


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Self-Leadership 101: Introduction

Okay, today I am going to talk about self leadership. A topic that is in my interest for a long time and have done some research on it. 

You all may ask these few questions: 
(1) What is self-leadership? 
(2) Why do I need it? 
(3) Is it different from the other types leadership? 

As for today, I will be focusing on these 3 questions. 

First, what is self-leadership? 
Self-leadership as the name implies, is about how you lead and guide your own self in your life. When we are young, many decisions that impacted us maybe made by our parents, those who have more experiences in life than us.  As we grow older, there seems to be more decisions that are to be made by ourselves and we are to face the consequences to the decisions we've made. Coming into adulthood, you are totally responsible for your own being. This is where self-leadership comes in. 

Self-leadership talks about how you can become a lead of yourself, commanding, guiding yourself to achieve your goals as how you would with leadership in a team whereby you lead others. 

What is good (or adequate) self-leadership? I have summarize them in 5 main points.

1. I love myself
This implies that you are willing to accept whatever, however, whoever you are. No matter how are good and bad you are, on the inside and on the outside. Willing to accept the fact does not neccessary means you agree to that fact. For example, I am fat, I accept that I am fat, but i does not neccessary accept that fat is good cause, obesity can bring health issues. 

2. I am willing to take changes
In life there are many situations where you can expect and not expect. To be a good self-leader, you are to allow changes to be made in your life. You are to embrace changes that if the changes is for the better. With willingness to take changes, it also means that you are willing to listen to critism. You are willing to improve and acquire new knowledge and skills if possible.

3. I am passionate on what is ahead
Passionate does not means that you have to jump up and down to cheer on what is to come~ You can do that, but different people have different style of being passionate. But the point is that, being passionate about what is ahead is about that you are always looking forward to the next point in life. If you are not, there is no point of having good self-leadership if you are not looking forward. Without passion, President Obama would not be standing in front of millions addressing his speech.

4. I sacrifice what is necessary
For everything we buy, there is a price to pay. Some are high and some are low. John C. Maxwell said this "...I reminded myself that I have to give up to go up" Sometimes, we have to give up things in order to process. It can something we love, something we like, something we don't like. Nonetheless, it is important to see that if that sacrifices is worth. Something like family or relationship are somethings that I would not sacrifices. You just have to be wise on it.   

5. I keep firm to my principles
Principles are what differentiates us as human. A person without principles is like a person without dignity. Everyone's principle might be different and that is ok. If someone does not keep firm to his/her principles, his/her decision making quavers whenever subjected to the opinions of others. We are the author of our lives, every decision we make, we are the ones to face those consequences. Stay firm to what you believe in, your principles, and make changes to the principles if necessary. As long as you keep firm to your principles, you have a clear mind of what is your decision. 

I will share in more details on the 5 points in the days to come. 

Okay, so you asked, why do I need this so called 'self-leadership'? 

Well, do you want to achieve what you've dream for? Do you want to be better than what you are now? Do you hunger for something on the other side of the pasture?Do you want to earn more $ for you and your family? Do you want to get a better relationship? Do you want to get that red hot Ferrari that you have longed for in a shorter time?

If you answer yes, then you need to make sure that you are leading yourself well, self-leadership

Lastly, is this leadership much different than the other types of leadership? 

Yes, because it is all about yourself! 
No, because it is also about to how lead an individual (that is YOU!) 

As a conclusion, just like to say thank you for your time to read this post. Hope it helps. 

Remember, "We are the author of our lives, lead myself well"


Yours Truly,



A Poem From My Heart

Decided to write a poem to express my feeling and get rid of the frustration in my heart.
This is specially dedicated to my friend who has misunderstood everything I said and not willing to listen.
It is sad to lost a friendship, but it would be a greater sadness as I could not help him see his attitude.

Oh my friend, I remember the first time we talked,
Oh my friend, I remember the first joke we cracked,
Oh my friend, I never forget the complains we've made,
Oh my friend, even that has make our friendship precious as jade.

Friend oh Friend, I'd say I will always be there to help,
Friend oh Friend, whenever u say help, I say yup,
Friend oh Friend, never have I say no,
Friend oh Friend, never have I say u go solo.

My friend, I not sure what is in your mind,
My friend, whether you are truly sad,
or you just take this chance to get out of this friendship,
My friend, whatever it maybe, I am done,
My friend, I gave you chances that you just skip.

Friend, I am starting to think my sacrifies are not worth,
Friend, I have big plans to go around the earth,
Friend, for you, I choose to not stay in Perth,
Friend, for you, I choose to go where I birth.

Oh Friend, I am willing to take you back,
Oh Friend, I hope you did not forget our contract,
Oh Friend, I hope I can wait,
Oh Friend, I hope it is not to late.

Oh, I do hope what I feel is correct,
Oh, I do hope I don't get wrecked,
once again...

Monday, 22 November 2010

Leadership: Nature vs. Nurture


It has been a long time since I've blog. Because of "someone" asked me to blog something, that's why I blog this post. After thinking for a long while on what to blog. I just thought of sharing some experience of mine to you all.

Leadership, this word can be a word of different definitions to different people, egoism, power, guide, motherly, fatherly, money, success...etc. Nevertheless, it is undeniably that leadership does make a SIGNIFICANT IMPACT to one's lives!

In today's world, there is a hot age-old debate on whether Leaders are Born or Formed?

Here are my opinions, it does not matter whether you are born a leader or not. It matter whether you have the desire, the passion to be a leader or not. However, here it comes to the question of: 
Does the "leadership genes" in a person actually contributes to his/her character of becoming a leader? Well, no one (at least that I know of) have that answer. You can say that these genes can be some sort of an initiator for a leader to be slowly formed.

Nonetheless, it has been scientifically shown that a baby when he/she is growing up, pickups majorly from what he/she learns from the environment. That is what babies do and how they learn. The like to play monkey see monkey do~ 

From my own personal experience, I can say that I may have been a "born leader" but I also greatly acknowledge that I pick up my inspiration and passion of being a leader from my dad who is a leader in his field, education. He inspires me from his life as a headmaster with lots of teachers and students under his leadership. 

To me, it is not important whether you are born as a leader or not cause I strongly believe that leadership can be developed within an individual. "Look forward to what you can be and not looking backward on what you could have been."

With that, you may ask what is the importance having leadership? Why do I have to be a leader? Can't others be the leader? Well, leadership is not only about leading a team, it is also about leading yourself. I will share in the next post of what is leading yourself and how can you lead yourself to a better life and towards your goals that you aimed for.

To conclude this post, in leadership, it is 20% nature and 80% nurture. Nature without nurture goes nowhere. So, leaders can be made even if you does not have the "leadership gene". 

Stay tune to my next post- "Leading yourself"


Yours Truly,


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Photography Contest: 2nd Prize!

Hi, first of all, sorry for not posing up my dietary diet....lost track due to busy schedule, Sorry george, sorry george...T.T

Nonetheless, something cheer my spirit up today (juz now). For the 1st time, I won something for my photography after this second attempt for a contest. Just submitting not with my fullest effort due to busy schedule. But, a dunno what to say, I won 2nd prize.

Erhmmp.....first of all, I'd like to thank my dad and mom for investing in my camera, SONY H-50, my siblings who trained my skills, my uncles BFF, GFF, FFF,Mr AAA, Mr. BBB...anyways...Thanks to lastly my model, Guchi, Olly, Adrianne, Alison, Alvin, Harry, Sheah Yih, Dr. Joan, Willie, HonVee, Guna, Amanda...for making this possible....I love you all, I love the Country, Woo Hoo~ 

Nonetheless, I am more than thankful that my work is appreciated. Thank you!

Here is the winning shot.

To view other winners, go to Faces of Curtin


p/s: Will post up some of my other submission soon. And continue my dietary diary...^.^